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Read what our customers have to say about All Round Construction, Inc. 

 I want to thank the gentleman that installed our windows and doors.  They did an excellent job.  They not only did a great job installing the items but they were very protective of our home and furnishings.  They always cleaned up at the end of each day.  Most construction crews wait until the job is completed before thinking about cleaning up.

My husband has been in construction for over 30 years and we used to say he was a dying breed.  Always doing the work of a craftsman and keeping everything nice and clean for his clients.

Living with a carpenter all these years has taught me to truly appreciate your fine work and the effort everyone put into updating our windows and doors.

- Linda Graham   7-29-10

This is 100% unsolicited recommendation for ARC.

Over the years, my husband and I have had the misfortune to hire a number of contractors who simply did not live up to their responsibilities and commitments.

We just concluded a project with ARC which went fabulously beyond our expectations.  As unforseen issues came up (as they always do!), the guys handled everything professionally and with complete expertise.

From window replacement to tiling, welding, stucco repair and more, all the work was done perfectly and on time.  Everyone on the crew was polite and courteous.  The clean-up, which was considerable, is immaculate.  I daresay areas are cleaner than when they arrived.

I do not hesitate to recommend them for any project you may have in mind.  There is no doubt in my mind that should you require work they were not confident about, they would advise you honestly.  I intend to keep their card on hand for a long time to come.

Shelly R. Long  4-2-2009


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